I was born and raised in Connecticut and spent the first 18 years of my life in the small shoreline town of Clinton. As a child, I would shoot with a Kodak 110 camera and then I later upgraded to a 35mm film camera (well, it was my Dad’s camera). Fast forward a good 30+ years and I find myself in Pennsylvania. To occupy my time, I start shooting photos with my iPhone (I really hadn’t shot anything more than a point and shoot after I graduated high school). My brother saw the potential in my photography and loaned me a DSLR that he was no longer using. This is when I truly started to hone my skills and really focus on photography. I would take any and every opportunity to go out and take photographs.

In March of 2018 I moved back to Connecticut, and although I truly miss the beauty of Lancaster County, I came to realize that there was plenty of subject matter right here in New England, with Vermont being my most favourite destination. I enjoy getting lost and finding subjects to shoot that are off the beaten path. It’s not uncommon for me to just drive for hours with no destination in mind, turning down side roads and exploring as much as possible. I have found some of the most interesting subjects to photograph on those roads less traveled and routes not necessarily planned.

Late in 2018 I was finally able to hand my brother back his camera after investing in a camera of my own.

As you'll see in my galleries, I enjoy shooting everything from rural farmlands and the Amish to the main streets of small towns & cities, trains and many other subjects.

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Please enjoy, 


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